Class of 2007


Texas Tech Mickey Armstrong
Texas Tech University
The Woodlands High School – 2007 Definitely a player that will play 1B and catch.  But we strongly believe his best shot is on the mound. Mickey has low 90 potential with outstanding movement on his fastball.  His attitude is also an asset to his success.  Put him in the game when the game is on the line and he will do the job. A Div. 1 player and MLB prospect.

Missouri Russell LaFleur
University of Missouri
Mayde Creek High School – 2007 The first thing we noticed about Russell was his blazing speed down the first base line.  Definitely a plus.  He can “go get’em” in centerfield like no other.  He will become a better hitter as he matures as a ball player.  He can also give a team some quality innings when needed.  He has an above average fastball that can one day reach 86-89 mph.  He to has excellent work ethic. A Div.1 and MLB prospect.

rays Tyree Hayes
Tampa Bay Devil Rays – Drafted 2007
Tomball High School – 2007 The son of former major league veteran Charlie Hayes.  He definitely has the pedigree to play this game.  Tyree could possess a low 90 fastball with “wicked” off speed pitches.  Although we think his best chance is playing SS /2b.  Tyree can “turn 2” with the best of them.  He has good range with very smooth hands.  If he can prepare more on his work ethic, his chances will rise immensely. Definitely a D1 and MLB prospect.

Colton McKey
The Woodlands High School – 2007 Colton has all the tools necessary to become a star in this game, as a position player and/or pitcher.  He has the potential to reach mid to low 90’s by the time he graduates H.S.  he also has tremendous speed on the base paths.  He has an Adam Dunn type body with Ichiro’s speed.  A deadly combination.  If he can work on his mental game, he will get there.  Div.1 and MLB prospect.

san jac Austin Lasprilla
San Jacinto College
Cy-Ridge High School – 2007 The Omar Vizquel of High School baseball.  He can definitely “pick it” with the best of them.  His defensive skills are so polished that we feel he is one of thousands that can play shortstop right now in college.  He can handle the bat well but will get better with time.  An “eye opener” on the infield. Div.1  and MLB prospect.

Matt Beveridge
Corpus Christi High School – 2007 He reminds me of Johnny Damon without the beard.  A speedy outfielder with pop.  This kid doesn’t get cheated at the plate.  He takes his hacks.  He has a great work ethic. Div. 1 and MLB prospect. Mark my words you will see this kid in the show very soon.

Sam Houston Jerad Stevens
Sam Houston State University
The Woodlands High School – 2007 “bulldog” on the mound.  Has the potential to reach mid 90’s with a “nasty” curveball and a “biting” slider. He can also play 3rd base but still needs a little work. He can also swing it but will develop a “more contact” swing as he gets older. Jared has a great BIG LEAUGUE body. Don’t sleep on this kid. Needs to cut down on his swing. Div. 1 MLB prospect.

hill Jose Rosales
Hill College
Milby High School – 2007 “Jose can you see Rosales?”. You can’t run on Jose. We turned this kid into a catcher and boy he did not disappoint. He touches everyone when you first met Jose. A great kid with a lot of future. Will use baseball to better his life. Jose don’t give up. Remember make the grades. You are the man. Div. 1 MLB prospect.

panola Bobby Loveless
Panola College
Friendswood High School – 2007 I see “the Rocket” when he steps on the mound.  His presence is so intimidating just like his heavy fastball. Just a big kid with great potential as a pitcher that can possibly reach the mid 90’s when its all over with and done. Forget about it, like I said the next Roger Clemens. Recently clocked at 92 mph. Juco, Div.1 MLB prospect.

Texas A&M Brett Parsons
Navarro College/Texas A&M University
The Woodlands High School – 2007 This kid was just born to hit. He has great power to all fields. We strongly feel that he can hit at the Div. 1 level now and hold his own. He is that great of a hitter. First base will most likely be his position with a little time at 3rd. His attitude is second to none. One of my favorite kids, I can say how many clutch hits he has had. A coach’s dream. It was fun coaching Brett for 3 1/2 years. One of my favorites. A class act. Div. 1 MLB prospect.

yankees Taylor Grote
New York Yankees – Drafted 2007
The Woodlands High School – 2007 A pure athlete with baseball skill.  He is a good hitter with gap to gap power with good speed.  He bats left and throws right which is a great asset.  People mistake is competitiveness as having a bad attitude. When I have my own kid, I want him to be just like Taylor. One of the best athletes I have ever coached. This guy will be on varsity in 3 different sports. Look at the size of his Dad. Enough Said. He will be there. My Boy, Grote. Div 1 MLB prospect.

David Prahm
Clearbrook High School – 2007 Just a “raw” hitter with some pop.  He is a strong kid that can develop power as he matures.  His left handed swing along with his “up the middle” skills will keep him in this game awhile. All this kid wanted was a chance, and boy did he grab it. This kid will be there when the bell rings. I love his work ethic. A sleeper of the bunch that will surprise everyone. I will call it now, I am 100 percent when it comes to this. He will be one of the kids playing while everyone else is checking in and checking out. Div. 1 MLB prospect.

Texas A&M David Alleman
Texas A&M University
The Woodlands High School – 2007 He reminds us of Lance Berkman with better speed. He’s a switch hitter with great gap to gap power from both sides of the plate. He needs to shorten up his swing just a bit to make more contact. When he does that, then his speed will come into play. This kid is a team player. Led my team with 42 times hit at the plate in one season, just to get on base. That should tell you what David is all about. You wonder why the woodlands always wins? With all of this talent. Div. 1 MLB prospect.