17u Banditos Home

**PRACTICE SCHEDULE STARTS WEEK OF 6/10-6/12 (Bring pants and shorts)

10:30am | 15u Houston, 15u Silver, 15u Texas

1:30pm | 16u Silver, 16u South, 16u North

10:30am | 17u Texas, 17u White, 17u Houston

1:30pm | 16 Texas, 16u Houston

11:30am | 18u Texas, 18u Houston, 18u North, 18u South

*17u South, 18u West, & 16u White will be contacted directly for practice schedule

*Rosters are subject to change*

 If you have any questions or scheduling conflicts, please contact 
DADO RODRIGUEZ at 832-573-7758 or at coachdrodriguez25@gmail.com