PG Organizational Report: Banditos

Hometown: Tomball, TX

College Commitments: 955

PG Championships: 106
Drafted Players: 155
MLB Debuted Players: 8

Owner: Ray Deleon
Twitter: @banditobaseball
Instagram: banditosbaseball

2020 Uncommitted Prospects
1. Drayton Brown
2. Will Esley
3. Brayden Musgrove
4. Christopher Kean
5. Adrian Castillo
6. Damian Carreon
7. Robert (Clay) Kennedy
8. Garrett Jeffcoat
9. Jose Segura
10. Nomar Garcia

2021 Breakout Potential
1. Cody Howard
2. Austin Stracener
3. Jacob Rebrook
4. Victor Loa
5. Casen Neumann
6. Mason Marriott
7. Brandon Burckel
8. Alec Grossman
9. Malachi Lott
10. Heriberto Emmanuel Garza

2022 Breakout Potential
1. Murphy Brooks
2. Xavier Perez
3. Thomas Lyssy
4. Coby DeJesus
5. Sai Campos
6. Maxwell Childress
7. JC Gutierrez
8. Daren Barrera
9. Matthew Whitting
10. Cameron Nickens

2023 Follow List
1. Brayden Sharp
2. Tracer Lopez
3. Conner Bennett
4. Boots Landry
5. Alexander Solis
6. Seve Martinez
7. Larry Drake
8. Zane Adams
9. Keevyn Goss
10. Andrew Daniels

2024 Follow List
1. Cade Arrambide
2. Landon Victorian
3. Sam Lee
4. Cage McCloud
5. David Hogg II

Top Historical Perfect Game Moments
• In 2016, the Banditos accomplished something that has never been done before: 15u PG World Series Champions, 15u WWBA National Champions, 15u BCS National Champions and to cap the season off, winning the WWBA Freshman World Championship.
• 2015 Freshman World Champions and 15u PG World Series Champions
• 2017 WWBA National Championship 16u Champions
• 2014 PG World Series Champions

Program History
Established in 1994, the Banditos Baseball Club has been fortunate enough to have over 280 MLB drafted alumni and over 1400 college commitments. The Banditos high school program is widely recognized as one of the strongest and most successful in the country. With a strong emphasis on player development, the Banditos youth program (9u-14u) has also garnered over 158 National Championships. The Banditos program also received national recognition for their 155-game winning streak, a streak that will be tough to duplicate. Key players include: Paul Goldschmidt, Jameson Taillon, Christopher Paddack, Austin Dean, Billy (Nick) Williams, David Macias and Shea Robin.

“If you hit, you don’t sit!”

“We believe in developing home-grown talent. The majority of our players have been with us since a young age.”

Historical Scouting Highlight
“The scouting highlight for such a storied program with this much talent throughout its history has to be a good one and that it is. Back in 2010, a prospect from La Marque, Texas came to the WWBA National Championship in North Georgia not very well known to many outside of the Houston area. After the week, or in this case one game, Nick Williams put together, recruiters were scrambling to get in a look at the soaring prospect. One short year later, Williams was putting on the PG All-American Classic uniform. A year after that, he heard his name called in the second round of the MLB Draft. What could cause such a hype to catapult Williams into the spotlight to that degree? Only one of the best single-game hitting performances we’ve ever seen at a Perfect Game event. Williams blasted a whopping four home runs in his 4-for-4 day at the plate, sending two out to left field and two out to right field. The rest was history.”

What are we looking forward to scouting during the summer of 2020?
“The Banditos have always had a pretty consistent amount of talent from top to bottom and this year should be no different. The rising senior group, the 2021s, is headlined by some athletic bats in Austin Stracener and Bryant Colon to go with some power arms in Cody Howard, Mason Marriott and Alec Grossman. The 2022s possess arms just as big in Xavier Perez and Murphy Brooks throwing to a group of talented backstops headlined by that of Reese Ratchford. Per usual, there is a ton of talented youngsters in the program including PG Select Fest participants Cade Arrambide and Conner Bennett to go with names like Andrew Danielsand David Hogg II among many others. This organization is made up not only of names that litter the Top-500 rankings, but consists of a ton of rising talent who should soon find their way onto the national scene as they hit the tournament circuit and create their own spotlight.”

Best College Resumes
Kody Clemens (Univ of Texas) – ABCA Co-Player of the Year. All American. Big 12 Conference Player of the Year. Golden Spikes Award and Dick Howser Trophy Finalist.
Nicholas Banks (Texas A&M) – All American. All SEC.
Ryne Birk (Texas A&M)
Corbin Martin (Texas A&M)
Joe Davis (Univ of Houston) – All American. American All Conference. ABCA All Region.

Best Pro Resumes
Paul Goldschmidt (Cardinals): 6X All Star. 3X Gold Glove. 4X Silver Slugger. Hank Aaron Award. NL HR Leader (2013). NL RBI Leader (2013). World Baseball Classic Gold Medal.
Jameson Taillon (Pirates): MLB Debut in 2016. 29 career wins with a 3.67 ERA.
Christopher Paddack (Padres):  MLB Debut in 2019. Went 9-7 in 26 starts with 153 Ks in 140 2/3 IP.
Billy (Nick) Williams (Phillies): MLB Debut in 2017. Career high of 16 HR’s in 2018.
Robert Dugger (Marlins): MLB Debut in 2019.
Austin Dean (Cardinals): MLB Debut in 2018.
Kohl Stewart (Orioles): MLB Debut in 2018.

Perfect Game All-American Classic Participants
Courtney Hawkins, 2011
Christopher (CJ) Hinojosa, 2011
Billy (Nick) Williams, 2011
Nicholas Banks, 2012
Kacy Clemens, 2012
Kohl Stewart, 2012
Stone Garrett, 2013
Kody Clemens, 2014
Mason Thompson, 2015
Alex Scherff, 2016
Jonathan Childress, 2017
Jordan Groshans, 2017
Hunter Watson, 2017
Trey Faltine, 2018
Maurice Hampton, 2018
Matthew Thompson, 2018
Anthony Volpe, 2018
Victor Mederos, 2019
Yohandy Morales, 2019
Jared Kelley, 2019
Drew Romo, 2019

Perfect Game Select Festival Participants
Victor Mederos, 2016
Maurice Hampton, 2016
Albert Hernandez, 2016
Aaron Nixon, 2016
Bryant Colon, 2017
Nicholas Regalado, 2017
Carlos Rodriguez, 2017
Izaac Pacheco, 2017
Conner Bennett, 2019
Cade Arrambide, 2019
Andrew Daniels, 2019



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