The Fountain is always part of the answer.
The Drain is always part of the problem.

The Fountain always has a program.
The Drain always has an excuse.

The Fountain says ―Let me do it for you.
he Drain says ―That‘s not my job.

The Fountain sees an answer for every problem.
The Drain sees a problem for every answer.

The Fountain sees a green near every sand trap.
The Drain sees two or three sand traps near every green.

The Fountain says ―It may be difficult, but it‘s possible.
The Drain said, ―It may be possible, but it‘s too difficult.

“It is real simple. If you want to be a good teammate and if you want people to like you, you MUST be a fountain. Your team does not need drains. Drains only clog thing up.”


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