I’ve had a lot of parents and players ask me, “How do I get out of this slump?” Slumps are like your common cold – no matter what you do, they last a about a week or two. There are a lot of different theories about hitting. By no means do I preach that my way of hitting is the best. However, I have 18 years of coaching at the highest level and believe me, our student’s success speaks for itself.

First and foremost, there a lot of people that teach many different types of hitting…linear hitting, rotational hitting, blah, blah, blah, hitting. I never thought that there was a name for the right way of hitting. I’ve always preached that everyone is built differently and therefore each person’s hitting style should be different as well.
A buddy of mine that gives hitting lesson in Austin likes to match his student with a major leaguer in some crazy app, which evaluates their swing back to back. That might sell the tickets, but at the end of the day, it’s all hogwash to me. So, you mean to tell me that this parent is going to put their kid next to Tony Gwynn and say, “Hey – let’s copy his hitting style?” Are you kidding me? Let me tell you that your kid is not going to hit like Tony Gwynn. There is only one guy that will ever hit like Tony Gwynn, and that’s Tony Gwynn.
So, with that being said, without a question – great hitters come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be the best athlete to be a great hitter. There are a lot of ugly swings in the big leagues. But they are there and having success. Everybody’s got their own style.
In my opinion, a great instructor will change the style to fit the individual. To me, the best way to become an above average hitter is to learn the word adjustment. Hitting is all about adjustments and “changing something that is not working.”
Why continue to stay in the same hitting routine if you are “0” for the week. Chances are, you will continue to slump if you don’t make the proper change.How do we make the proper adjustments? Here are some ways that will help you get out of your slump:
A. No matter what count you are in, you’re always looking for the fastball. PERIOD!
B. Always try to hit the ball away, and react in. It enables you to keep your front side closed a little longer when you’re looking away. 
C. Try to value every at bat like it’s your last. Adjust every pitch instead of every at bat. 
D. This is very important: CONFIDENCE! Even if you don’t think anyone is on your side, you have to believe in yourself. If you are on the bench and get to pinch hit, you need to stay positive. 

E. No matter what anyone tells you, the first pitch in baseball is the most important. Pitchers are always taught at every level to get ahead. What does that mean to you? Chances are they are going to start you off with a fastball – look for it.
In closing – I would like to say that I could sit and talk for 20 hours about hitting. This is what I do…I live, breath, and sleep it. Hitting is my life. I learned to become a better hitter when it was too late in the game for me. One thing that helped me was to always stay a student of the game. Always study it. There are so many things out there today to help you get ahead. Continue to educate yourself in order to get to the next level. Always learning and trying to pick something out is what will get you there! That is the key. One thing a lot of hitters do when they are in slump is to blame. It is nobody’s fault but your own. Slumps are going to happen no matter how good you are. Deal with it, it’s a fact. Also, a James Coney Island hot dog with all the fixing’s, won’t hurt your slump either.

Always remember…“If you hit, you don’t sit!”  Good luck in all your endeavors!


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