Class of 2006


phillies Kyle Drabek
Philadelphia Phillies – Drafted 2006
The Woodlands High School – 2006 He was just born to play baseball. An elite competitor with elite skills. A slick fielding short stop with tremendous power is a rare commodity. Kyle is also a pitcher with big game tenacity. Will be a play maker. Put it in writing. This kid will make a million dollars after high school. He will reach mid to high 90’s by his senior year. The real deal. A definite MLB draftee and a Division 1A player.

hill Jacob Banda
Hill College
Galena Park High School – 2006 The baseball world is in his hand if he really wants it. An outstanding hitter with major pop. He can also be a great catcher if he works. This goes for his pitching. If he works he can become a legitimate prospect at the professional level and a Division 1A player.

Texas Statearizona Paul Goldschmidt
Texas State University |Arizona Diamondbacks
The Woodlands High School – 2006 Every team needs a player like Paul. He gives his heart and soul to maximize his potential. Paul is a solid infielder with an above average arm. He can really give a pitcher nightmares at the plate. He is a hit and run specialist with occasional pop with minimal strike-outs. A Division 1A player.

U of H Chris Miller
University of Houston
New Caney High School – 2006 This kid is blessed with tremendous power, a stocky build, and can hit to all fields. He has a great arm and average speed. Chris definitely has improved his baseball skills. See Chris in a D-1 uniform and possible chance a free agent draftee.

UT ArlingtonTyler Klein
University of Texas at Arlington
Oak Ridge High School – 2006 Big strong kid that knows how to play the game. Tyler Klein loves the grease, he always wants to be in the big game. He has great skills at third and also can catch. Tyler is a switch hitter that can hit to all fields. You will definitely see Tyler playing baseball after high school. D-1 prospect and possible middle round draftee.

Texas A&M Kevin Gonzalez
Texas A&M University
Cy-Fair High School – 2006 He can call, receive, block, and shut down the running game at the college level now. He is really that good! He can hit .000 and still have a job anywhere because of his skills. He is a major MLB prospect and a Division 1A player.

Baylor Ryan Jenkins
Baylor University
Cy-Falls High School – 2006 He has really worked hard to become a solid 3rd baseman. He has a major league arm from 3rd but Ryan really shines around the mound. He has great mechanics with great control. He has potential to throw in the mid 90 range. A major lead MLB prospect and a Division 1A player.

Baylor Aaron Miller
Baylor University
Channelview High School – 2006 A two dimensional prospect. He can simply run, hit, play defense, and pitch at a high level. Not to mention his physical build. A definite MLB prospect and a Division 1A player. Don’t be surprised if you see Aaron go top 10 in the first round of the 2006 draft. STUD!

rangers Cody Podraza
Texas Rangers – Drafted 2006
Tomball High School – 2006 The table setter. He has a clear understanding on the essence of being a lead off hitter. He has tremendous speed along with great baseball instincts. His range will allow him to play SS, and some time in CF. A potential MLB prospect and a Division 1A player.

Rice Diego Seastrunk
Rice University
Channelview High School – 2006 One of the most exciting players to watch in the organization. He is a “Carl Everett” type player. He runs great and hits great from both sides of the plate with good power. Diego needs a little work on his infield defense, aside from that, he will be a player scouts will be talking about. He can to college anywhere he wants.

Army Ross Watson
United States Military Academy at Westpoint
Round Rock High School – 2006 He has a perfect body that scouts love. With minor adjustments in consistency and with his power and bat speed, Ross can be a threat every time he comes to the plate. Ross is a genuine corner player with a great arm playing RF. There is no telling what Ross can achieve because of his body development. Ross has potential to throw in the mid 90’s with proper mechanics. A legitimate MLB prospect and a Division 1A player..

san jac Kyle Henson
San Jacinto College
Oak Ridge High School – 2006 Kyle was one of the original Banditos from day one at NW45. He is one of the nicest kids I have ever coached. Kyle brings heart to the table along with a big stick, and a great receiver. A stocky kid with great feet. Henson is a blue collar hitter. This kid can take his hacks. Kyle will be highly recruited out of high school. Definitely a MLB draftee prospect.