You walk into any high school game or any select baseball program and there will always be unhappy people. Trust me, it’s on every team, PERIOD – some more than others.

Usually the ones starting the drama are the ones whose kid is not playing. The question is what you do about it. Before I start, always remember, and keep this in mind – your kid is only half as good as you think he is. It’s funny how every high school coach is to blame for every little thing that goes wrong… especially when it comes to the playing time issue.
What should the player DO? Keep a good attitude. There is no room for cry babies in a high school baseball dugout. You may not like the coach’s decision at the time, but you should strive to be a good teammate and be ready for your chance to play. Be prepared to play multiple positions, which gives you the opportunity to play when the time comes. It betters your chance to get on the field. Don’t be a cancer kid. By starting drama in the dugout and crying to your teammates it not going to help your cause. Try to be as positive as you can and don’t let the coach catch you whining in the dugout.
Nearly 95-percent of players in high school know what their role is going to be. It’s not rocket science. Deep inside you know what your role is, so just accept it. The most important thing not to do is have your mom or dad email or talk to the coach and fight your battles. That’s the WORST thing you can do. The last thing the coach needs is to have your mommies and daddies calling or texting, asking why you are not playing.
You might as well wear two pair of sliding shorts to protect your butt from the splinters you’re really going to have after that. If you go to the coach one on one and ask for a meeting before or after practice, he would not deny you a five-minute conversation. I’ve never met one coach that would not give you that opportunity. Then you can look him in the eye and tell him how you feel. You may not like the response, but at least you know where he stands.
What should the parents DO?  



Rule #1… Never talk negatively about the coach in front of your kid. This will undermine the coach and your kid will never look at him the same. 



Rule #2…Be realistic. Your kid’s not likely to be a professional baseball player. Try to enjoy the playing time he does get. Turn it into a positive instead of a negative.



Rule #3… (This is the most important one of all) – DO NOT discuss any of your frustration with anyone, unless they have your DNA. If you do, trust me, that coach is getting an email or call about your unhappiness as soon as the conversation is over. Also, if you MUST write an email or talk to the coach, wait until the heat is off during the next day or two when you will have cooled down.



Rule #4… Make sure when it’s your turn to cook hot dogs on Tuesday night, you don’t miss it. If you cut the grass or paint the fence, that wouldn’t hurt either. LOL.
It’s hard enough for me as the head coach of the Banditos Baseball Club, to pick the starting nine in a 23-man roster. I make it easy for everyone. The guys who hit are the ones who are going play. The ones who throw strikes are the ones who are going to pitch. Everyone will get their opportunity. They’ve just got to be patient because at the end of the day, life’s too short to worry about it. The coach’s starting nine is made up way before the line-up gets posted, trust me.
BANDITOS tryouts are starting in May!  Here is the schedule:
May 11 – 10:00AM – CLEAR BROOK HS
May 12 – 1:00PM – TRAVIS HS
May 18 – 10:00AM – ALIEF TAYLOR HS
May 19 – 1:00PM – TRAVIS HS
Save time and pre-register online. Wear baseball attire and bring equipment. Be sure to arrive a few minutes before tryout begins and check in at the front desk.
Get ready to experience the Winning Tradition!

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