We are coming off of one of our best years to date with winning 3 National Champions, 53 of our players taking their game to the next level by playing collegiate baseball, and a few getting drafted in the MLB Amateur Draft. For the second year in a row, a Bandito was taken in the first round. Our very own Kohl Stewart, a Bandito-Lifer, started playing for the Banditos when he was 8 years old and went on to be the 4th pick overall in the first round in June’s draft. He is such a great role model for all young athletes.

Banditos Baseball Club has grown so fast in such a short amount of time that sometimes it’s hard to keep up. We have made our share of mistakes but only to learn from them. Thanks to great families and players like Kohl Stewart, who make dealing with adversity worthwhile. As we enter the 2014 season, we are not looking back. We had a record-breaking 600+ kids tryout this season and unfortunately, we could not keep everyone. We have worked diligently in the draft room to find the right fit.

We are proud to announce that Perfect Game (World’s Largest Baseball Scouting Service) has ranked our teams: 12U-#1, 13U-#1, 14U-#1 & #7, 15U-#1, 16U- Top 10 and 17U- Top 10. We take great pride in this as no other program in the nation comes close to these results.

This year, we are introducing ‘Bandito Elite’ teams to every age group 9U-14U to compete in the largest tournament venues in the country. These ‘Bandito Elite’ teams will be comprised of players within our organization, as well as players from other teams around the nation in order to showcase Banditos Baseball at it’s best. You wanted it…YOU GOT IT! It’s time to play baseball. If you have any questions, e-mail us.




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